An ethical Who Am I?

Posted: December 26, 2011 by J in General

Now Christmas Day is over, relax with a beautful Who Am I about ethics

[Whoever takes up the gospel] must be prepared, precisely because of what he thinks and says in the practical sphere, to displease the masses… In such a situation a [Christian] person may easily become bitter, skeptical, perhaps even bellicose and mean. He may become inclined, as an accuser, to turn permanently against his fellow men on account of their lifelong folly and wickedness. Precisely this, of course, may not be permitted to happen. If the ethics of evangelical theology does not wish to convict itself of falsehood, it must be represented, for all its definiteness, only by the greatest serenity and peaceableness.

Who wrote this?

  1. Alan Green says:

    Nice one. That was in one of my favourite chapters!!!

  2. Jonathan says:

    Nice try Wellsie.

    Sounds like Al’s pretty confident he knows the answer…

  3. Guess it is the other big B then, what wit hthe reference to evangelical theology

  4. Jonathan says:

    So Wellsie says Barth, Al it’s time to put up or shut up. Is Wellsie right, and Al, to win this you’ll need to cite the book and chapter now.

  5. Jonathan says:

    An entry from a shy friend:

    “Oooh, this is just like Sale of the Century!

    I’m going to guess: Stanley Hauerwas. Second guess: John Howard Yoder.

    But, as I write, I suspect the word ‘peaceableness’ might have sent me barking up the wrong tree!”

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