Principal Rosner

Posted: February 2, 2012 by J in General

This was in the media yesterday:

The Board of Ridley Melbourne has announced the appointment of New Testament scholar and author, Dr Brian Rosner to the position of Principal. Dr Rosner will take up the role at the beginning of second semester, July 2012.

Dr Rosner is currently Senior Lecturer in New Testament and Ethics and Faculty Research Coordinator at Moore Theological College.

Brian Rosner is one of the good guys. His gear at college was always quality. He pushed us to think in different ways, and especially to read the Scriptures in different ways. He is a champion of reading the NT in the light of the OT – a sadly rare practice. His 1 Corinthians commentary is the best exegetical one on the market, imho.

He’s strong in the vital but neglected area of theological ethics, too.

Rosner is easily gifted enough in broad enough areas to do a good job as a College principal. I only hope it doesn’t take him away from teaching, too much. Teaching is where he ought to be!

He is also funny and can hold an audience. A nice guy too.

A sad loss for Moore. A big gain for Ridley.

The Grit tips its (rather muddied) hat to Dr Rosner. We wish him well.


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