Two comments I’ve received recently about The Grit

Posted: February 5, 2012 by J in General

Sometimes people write to me with comments they’re too shy to post on the blog. Here’s two good examples from this week.

After reading your “singing in church” post I caved and subscribed to “The Grit.” I found your posts on justification a really helpful distillation. I struggled quite a lot with the same questions late last year when my church was doing a sermon series on Romans 1-8 and I was trying to lead bible studies on it. I really felt the “two gospels” tension you were talking about! …In my experience, your comment that “In our abstracted approach, his death brings justification, and his resurrection brings nothing very clear” has been a pretty accurate diagnosis. In wondering about all this myself over the last few years, I’ve definitely been pushed to think more about what “union with Christ” really means. Anyway, all that to say, I really “get” where you’re coming from and, if I understand you correctly, agree with what you’re saying.

Nice to be appreciated! Thanks for the kind words, friend!

But then the same day this:

…your blogs drive me up the wall because so many of them start by expressing criticisms of “Evangelicalism”, and proceed as though you are the only one that has ever thought some of these things or the only one who has “seen the light.” I would be the last person to go to the stake to defend “Evangelicalism” and I have nothing against expressing valid criticisms …But I wonder if you could do a better job at saying them with a bit less hyperbole (I know – hyperbole is fun), a bit more humility and in a way that esteems God’s church…

Ouch! Ah well, not surprising that people feel that way. If we didn’t cause some irritation, we wouldn’t be  The Grit in the Oyster.  No doubt comment 2 has more than a grain of truth in it…

Now here’s the really interesting thing:

Both comments were written by the same person! 🙂

I like that.


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