God Crucified

Posted: April 23, 2012 by J in Bible, Book review, Church history, Theology
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Having previously paddled at the edges of Richard Bauckham’s work, I’ve now dived in. I am currently reading his ‘God Crucified.’

Bauckham argues that a high Christology did not develop gradually in early Christianity – rather the highest possible Christology was there from the beginning, since it is found in all the NT writings.

I’ll try to write a review soon, but a few initial impressions.

1. It’s too short! The thing is only 59 pages. I sat down to read this evening and I’m already past half way. I’m going to be sorry when it runs out.

2. This book is a thing of beauty. Written with crystal clarity, drawing on a wide acquaintance with primary and scholarly literature, Bauckham makes his points with force and yet at the same time, with elegance. It’s a pleasure to read. Compared to, say, O’Donovan or Gunton or Dunn, Bauckham’s in a different literary league.

3. So far it is very, very persuasive.

I’m looking forward to the rest, and then hope to press on to the essays attached. The volume they’re in is called Jesus and the God of Israel, publ. Eerdmans.

I’m glad I’ve finally taken the plunge – the water is fine!


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