The World We All Want adapted – 3

Posted: September 28, 2012 by J in Bible, Mission

This study aims to persuade readers that we cannot create the world we long for – in fact we are part of the problem not the solution!

In other words it’s about sin and its destructive power over us and our world. Sin pushes us further from that world where God is at the centre and life is good.

This session is a pretty radical departure from the original one, but the theme is the same. We’ve avoided going to Genesis, mainy because we don’t want people to get bogged down in worries about historicity vs myth, before they’ve even had a chance to hear the gospel. There’ s time to wrestle with those issues, but I reckon an intro to Christian faith course is not that time. So we’ve just removed the hurdle and gone for passages where issues of historicity are not as in-your-face.

Genesis 3 is in the Further reading suggestion.

NB: I reckon anyone who uses this gear ought to buy the Chester and Timmis book also. Those guys put in a lot of work, and this version retains a fair amount of their stuff. And the thing is copyright. The worker deserves his wages.

Here’s session 3

The World We All Want Session 3 pdf

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