The World We All Want, adapted – Session 4

Posted: September 29, 2012 by J in Bible, Mission

The World We All Want Session 4 pdf

This session looks at the strange and unexpected way Jesus went about bringing in the new world God promised us. It explores the death and resurrection of Jesus.

We have tried to take up our own challenge to NOT import truckloads of our own theological framework, but to let the passage do the talking. In the end, the participants will only have learnt what the passage had to say, nothing more. We have never seen this done before in a study in the cross, so it’s a bit of an experiment. Let me know what you think!

We learn how in his death Jesus entered into the depths of our human misery and alienation through sin, and opened the way to healing. In his resurrection Jesus gains victory (on our behalf) over the power of sin, and receives (on our behalf) the Spirit who will transform the world.

This session, compared to the original, is completely rewritten. We thought this was needed.

NB: I reckon anyone who uses this gear ought to buy the Chester and Timmis book also. Those guys put in a lot of work, and our series retains a fair amount of their stuff.  The worker deserves his wages.

Here’s session 4:

The World We All Want Session 4 pdf

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