The World We All Want, adapted – Session 5

Posted: October 1, 2012 by J in Bible, Mission

The World We All Want Session 5 – pdf

Here’s the last session. We’ve tried to answer the question, what happens to a person who gets baptised into faith in Jesus, and receives the gift of the Spirit and release from sins? What is life like for that person? For the community that lives around Jesus?

We hope people will see that joining in with Jesus means taking part in the arrival of his new world. In particular that new world happens in the community of Jesus. That the Spirit forms a new community where love rules.

Once again we’ve pretty much rewritten this one compared to the original.

NB: I reckon anyone who uses this gear ought to buy the Chester and Timmis book also. Those guys put in a lot of work, and our series retains a fair amount of their stuff.  The worker deserves his wages.

Here’s Session 5:

The World We All Want Session 5 – pdf


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