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TWWAW – leaders’ notes

Posted: October 4, 2012 by J in Bible, Mission

The world we all want – leaders’ notes

As a few people are hoping to run this course soon, I thought some brief leaders’ notes might help leaders in their own preparations.
Here they are as a pdf:

The world we all want – leaders’ notes – pdf

What I liked about Moore College

Posted: October 3, 2012 by J in General

This man deserves the picture spot. Andrew Cameron.

I often have reason to think back on my four years at College. Sometimes I do so with fondness and appreciation for the good things I enjoyed there. Here’s my top ten (not in order):
1. Peter Bolt’s approach to interpreting Mark’s Gospel: narrative coherence and biblical theology opened up that book in new ways.

2. Con Campbell’s improved take on Greek grammar, i.e. verbal aspect. We read the NT differently now.

3. The Advanced Pastoral Ministry course – most useful thing I ever did

4. David Peterson’s supervision for my 4th year project (=thesis). That man was on top of his game! And also very kind and helpful.

5. David Hohne making us read Colin Gunton and generally talking as though God is Trinity. That was news!

6. Preaching group with Richard ‘Gibbo’ Gibson – gold! He taught us so much.

7. Andrew Cameron – just the man himself really. But also showing us how there can be more to ethics than proof texting and ‘divine command’ thinking.

8. The library – that place is King Solomon’s Mines.

9. Four or five mates who would talk theology and bible with me outside class. Learnt most there.

10. My prayer buddies (overlapping with 9.) – we still meet up to pray. These beautiful guys help keep me on the straight and narrow

How about you? Can you give us your top 5 or 10 in the comments? You could even tell us about your college if you went elsewhere (I’ve heard there are other schools out there these days…)

The World We All Want Session 5 – pdf

Here’s the last session. We’ve tried to answer the question, what happens to a person who gets baptised into faith in Jesus, and receives the gift of the Spirit and release from sins? What is life like for that person? For the community that lives around Jesus?

We hope people will see that joining in with Jesus means taking part in the arrival of his new world. In particular that new world happens in the community of Jesus. That the Spirit forms a new community where love rules.

Once again we’ve pretty much rewritten this one compared to the original.

NB: I reckon anyone who uses this gear ought to buy the Chester and Timmis book also. Those guys put in a lot of work, and our series retains a fair amount of their stuff.  The worker deserves his wages.

Here’s Session 5:

The World We All Want Session 5 – pdf