The Grit hits 10 000

Posted: November 16, 2012 by J in General

The Grit in the Oyster just passed the 10 000 hits mark. That’s hits we can measure – we can’t measure them all.

But I thought this might be a good moment to take stock and remember why we started. And also to thank you for taking an interest and reading.

Over the first year we have broached many topics which more tasteful folk would have left unbroached. The Grit was started with the aim of causing trouble, especially in the minds of those who prefer established views. An irritant, if you like. There’s no pearls without one. Our approach is expressed in the tagline: question everything. In keeping with this motto, we’ve tried to make sure that nothing and nobody was safe around here.

And we have questioned quite a few things over this year. Tilted some windmills. BBQ’d a few sacred cows. And we’ve found it’s amazing how far you can get if you’re willing to rethink, re-read, and generally question stuff.

One goal of mine for the second year is to get more conversation happening. More commentors. Gain a few more contributors who like asking questions, who’ll post at The Grit form time to time. That might be you. Let me know. If you disagree with some of the views expressed at The Grit so far, all the better! We wouldn’t want to get too comfy.

Thanks to everyone who has taken part in the troublemaking, especially to people who’ve taken the time to chip in with comments. We very much appreciate you all.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the ride! Let’s do it all again in the year ahead. I’ll stick around if you will.


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