Questions I’d like answered 7 – Found a centre?

Posted: January 30, 2013 by J in Theology

When I went to college, I think I hoped that by the end of four years, some big picture idea might have emerged, a central concept that focussed and structured the things I believed about Jesus and Christian faith. No such idea was forthcoming.

Is there one? A gravitational centre around which NT theology turns? A central idea that enables and controls the structure of gospel thought? Something that makes everything else connect and hang together?


  1. Jesse Califf says:

    If God is really a Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who have been in relationship with one another for all eternity so that God is three and yet God is one, it seems to me that this should be the center. God is love. Trinity is not an additional attribute of God alongside his faithfulness, his justice, his holiness, etc. God is Trinity. God is love. All our theology ought to proceed from this fountain. If we are doing theological work that does not relate to Trinity, I think we have taken a wrong turn.


    Also, some friends and I from Portland just started a new blog dedicated to seeing the world theologically, if you are interested in the conversation:

  2. Charlie Ellis says:

    Not meaning to be cynical, but instead totally serious: ‘Who can understand the mind of God?’, let alone his thoughts. Is it possible to distill the incompletely seen actions of our eternal Lord, and poorly understood motivations of His logic into an idea that we can simply grasp? I’ve come to think no….

    Otherwise, I’d pick the idea of Redemption. Big picture Redemption. Making everything holy and right again. EVERYTHING, not just people.



    • Jonathan says:

      Thanks for your great suggestions, Jesse and Charlie.

      I notice that Jesse’s answer is personal (it’s about persons), while Charlie’s is dynamic (has movement to it).

      I think a centre to NT theology might need both of these elements. Can we put your suggestions together somehow?

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