Katoomba Women’s Convention, John Dickson and Mike Bird

Posted: February 24, 2013 by J in Church
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Mike Bird

Strange story: on Thursday the Katoomba Convention committee announces it’s dumping John Dickson from the platform for this year’s Convention, due to the controversy surrounding his latest book (on women’s ministry).

Mike Bird reacts by calling the committee hardline conservatives, and calling for a general boycott of the event.

KCC committee announces, also on Thursday, that they are canning the whole event due to low numbers.

This is all a bit confusing. I wish someone could tell me:

1. Why the committee exposed itself such negative publicity by appearing to punish Dickson for his very reasonable book. Whatever the controversy it would create to have him speak, it can’t be as much as they now cop for pulling him.

2. Why did they go public with the news and make it an issue about Dickson, if they were canning the event anyway the same day?? Why not just shut it down, without the whole ‘Dickson’ debacle? Doesn’t make any sense.

3. Was the decision to shut down women’s convention actually taken after the announcement axing Dickson? In which case, is there cause and effect here – is the number thing just an excuse?Β  If so, what’s the real reason? Was there something else that happened that day? Was it just because of Mike Bird’s campaign? Is Bird really such a big hitter? I wouldn’t have thought he could do more than…ruffle their feathers a bit.

What’s really going on here? Does anyone have the inside story?

  1. Mike W says:

    What is happening?
    and punishment.

    Perhaps this a move from KCC to sure up it’s credentials, after all, last year one of the front runners for the Archbishop race did say that KCC had ‘gone Charismatic’ and that we needed a new, more conservative evangelical conference!

  2. Mike W says:

    On the other hand, John Dickson needed some smackdown after his fine performance on q&a on Monday. A clear message needed to be sent that he is out of the fold now

  3. Of course, perhaps it is ‘better that one man die, than we lose the whole…” Oh wait, I’ve heard that before. I guess it is a chance to flush out/divide some people in the upcoming ++ election too. See if a friend of John’s speaks out for him, then that can be used against them later. And then if they don’t, well we get to throw some mud at John.

    Of course, this isn’t about his character or theology, we are just total cowards who are bullied into stopping someone preach Jesus Christ because a group of people somewhere might take issue with a rather modest proposal he made on a topic on which he will not speak.

    It seems a man can’t teach (or exhort!!) a congregation of women either..

    On the other hand, this opens up some novel ways to deal with issues that might become ‘politicized’. What you do is look for whichever side might seem weaker, and then you banish them. Solved! (to KCC’s defence, this has seemed to work with our nations refugee problem).

    If anyone is up at Men’s convention, I’d love to hear what comments are being made up there.

  4. Ok, I’ve been thinking about it. Here is a another scenario where at least SOMEBODY might have integrity (no evidence for this one)
    Maybe the KCC board are all in a tizz about John’s book. They unilaterally decide to disinvite John Dickson. When they do, the Women’s Convention organisers are so disgusted at the board, they mostly quit. Thus, KCC board are left with no-one to organise WKC. WKC is cancelled. Announcement made.

    Of course ther would probably be some other steps in there like; KCC board discusses with women’s convention committee, WKC comittee threaten to walk away etc..

    How does that sound? Plausible?
    If indeed this is what happened, onya WKC comittee

  5. Alan Wood says:

    Do either of you have the inside goss on this one? Or are some of these comments things you’ll one day wish you hadn’t said? Not because you’re angry at injustice – which is good and right – but because you’re theorising, imputing, and generally flinging mud. The truth will out eventually, and you can get righteously indignant then.
    And remember to make a good speech about it all at Synod πŸ˜‰

  6. Jonathan says:

    I don’t have the inside story. I’m the guy asking for the inside story. πŸ™‚

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