The worst abuse case – followed up

Posted: March 7, 2013 by J in Church
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Father Tom KnowlesThere were later developments in the Father Tom Knowles abuse case. Apparently his reinstatement occurred while the archbishop of Melbourne was away, and on his return the archbish took action. Apparently it took an archbishop to realise that a sexual predator was a less than ideal person to carry out pastoral responsibilities. That’s the story they’re telling anyhow.
In the meantime the parishioners were writing letters of complaint about Knowles coming back to work. Maybe it wasn’t that hard to spot the problem after all! Seems it was only the heads of Knowles order, the Blessed Sacrament Congregation, who couldn’t see it.
So a couple of weeks after his reinstatement Knowles is out again.
Who knows what might happen next time the archbish takes a holiday…

All of which makes me want to bang my head against something large, flat and hard.

Here’s the article from the Age newspaper:


THE Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne has removed a leading Australian priest who sexually preyed on a disabled and vulnerable woman.

In an embarrassing backflip, the Melbourne Archdiocese has removed Father Tom Knowles from one of the nation’s busiest churches just weeks after reinstating him.

Church documents obtained by Fairfax Media this week reveal that Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart has formally withdrawn Father Knowles ”faculties to engage in any public ministry within the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Melbourne”.

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    Hey Jono,

    Did you know your blog’s now showing Ads in it? Seems a shame! The RSPCA one is kind of cute, but the $3,000 of wine one seems a little less awesome.

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