infographic: Ideas that STICK

Posted: May 10, 2013 by J in General

Grace Invader

ImageI recently read this book by Chip & Dan heath, on how to make the ideas we speak about “Sticky” – memorable. The book contained some well thought out ideas for communication that I intend to revisit in the “packaging” aspects of my sermon writing. As with any attempt at being persuasive, one always needs to guard against being manipulative. If we fail to LOVE OTHERS, or LOVE the TRUTH with our ideas, the whole point to our speaking is undermined: we’ll end up being nothing more than a noisy gong (that is an example of point 3 below).

In reading these kind of books I often forget the details. So I’ve whipped up an infographic to remind me. Below it is an explanation of each key point.


Here are some quotes from the book to fill out the bare bones of the infographic above:

1. Sticky ideas are SIMPLE…

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