What the election of Glenn Davies means

Posted: August 9, 2013 by J in Church

An interesting piece from Muriel Porter analysing the election result:


The election of Bishop Glenn Davies as Anglican Archbishop of Sydney is an extraordinary result by any measure.

True, Glenn had emerged as the favoured candidate during the latter years of Peter Jensen’s term. Glenn has a solid record as a theologian of a very conservative stamp, championing all the diocese’s hardline views on women, homosexuals and who can preside at the central Christian rite of Holy Communion. He has been a lecturer at Moore Theological College, the diocese’s heartland, and has also been a successful parish priest and regional Sydney bishop. An urbane, charming man, his relationships with the rest of the Australian Anglican Church are always respectful and friendly. He is well known for his contributions on General Synod – in particular, on its Doctrine Commission.

But in recent times, it became increasingly clear that, despite his sterling qualities, he was not the preferred candidate of the diocese’s ruling faction.

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  1. Alan Wood says:

    “Interesting” is an interesting choice of words, Jonathan. Dr Porter is a very clever writer, but she is manifestly hostile and a thousand kilometres away from Sydney. I think you have far better resources for interpreting the outcome yourself.

  2. J says:

    Alan, what you say about Porter is true. But I always try to listen to the hostile voices, in case I hear the voice of God there. All wisdom is not with our party! 🙂

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