The end of an era: Richard Gibson leaves Moore College

Posted: October 25, 2013 by J in General

We in Sydney are in mourning this week following the announcement that Richard Gibson, one of Moore’s best talents, is leaving us to take up the position of Principal at the Brisbane School of Theology.

‘Gibbo’ as he is known to all, made a big impact on the whole student body at Moore, and not just be making us sing Nana Mouskouri. He was a constant prophetic voice calling us to compassion and heart-connection in our faith. At Moore that was a rare and important voice.

He was also one of the really outstanding teachers and scholars who inspired his students to excel in Greek, Church history, NT studies, and pretty much everything he turned his hand to.

Gibbo gave me the most intelligent essay feedback of anyone who marked me. He was also available to talk things over before and after assignments – also rare at college in my experience.

Gibbo was also the preacher that inspired us with the possibilities for communicating the gospel in a fresh and challenging way.

A bunch of us decided we’d better learn to preach while at college, so we started a preaching group which met weekly. Who do you think we approached for help? Gibbo agreed to tutor us, which he did for the next 2 years, as a volunteer. His comments were so often insightful (not to say cutting) and helpful. If we have avoided being terrible preachers post college, it’s largely due to Gibbo’s teaching.

I want to say a big THANKYOU to Gibbo for the value he added to my education, and for his friendship and encouragement over those years.


Gibbo was so multi-talented that the loss for Moore is great on a number of fronts.

In fact, it’s been a time of departures for Moore. Over the past couple of years it has lost so many of its big guns. Consider this list:

Brian Rosner

Con Campbell

Barry Webb

David Peterson

Peter O’Brien

John Woodhouse

GULP! That’s a huge depletion of talent. These were the guys who were publishing scholarly stuff, stuff that people wanted to read. These were the internationally known names. And now Gibbo. And others have left as well.

College now would be a very different place to the one I attended just three years ago!

  1. Matt Moffitt says:

    Plus Michael Jensen and Rob Doyle.

  2. J says:

    Indeed. The word ‘exodus’ comes to mind.

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