Andrew Cameron to head St Marks Canberra

Posted: February 22, 2014 by J in Church

YESTERDAY: The Right Reverend Trevor Edwards, President of St Mark’s Council, announced today the appointment of The Reverend Dr Andrew Cameron as Director of St Mark’s National Theological Centre.

Wow. Learning under Andrew Cameron was one of the best parts of my college experience at Moore. He headed up the Christian Thought faculty, and brought to it some serious theological chops. He may look at bit like Yoda, but under Cameron, students were challenged and stretched to think in new ways and to question comfortable and narrow approaches to life issues. He was well known for promoting an approach to ethics that let gospel theology drive the thing, rather than favourite proof texts from Scripture.

Cameron avoided easy answers to complex issues, and was always happy to rethink and discuss if challenged.

Andrew Cameron has functioned as a statesman, ambassador and peace-maker within the Sydney Diocese, encouraging warring parties to dialogue. He has modelled an approach of respectfully listening to those who disagree with him, both inside and outside the Christian community. In doing so he has challenged the more aggressive approach which has so long been characteristic of the Sydney Anglican tradition.

It is a testimony to the respect which Cameron has earned outside his own team, that he has been appointed to head up in institution like St Marks Theological Centre, Canberra – a college which has not generally looked to Sydney Diocese when recruiting new staff!

Andrew Cameron’s departure from Moore is a sad loss for the college, a loss it can ill afford. Cameron would have made a good principal here. There is no one of comparable stature on hand to step in and fill the gap he leaves.

We wish Andrew Cameron well in his new role, and hope he finds a few nice beanies to wear.

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