Some good reading from an evangelical

Posted: February 27, 2014 by J in Church, Discipleship, Pastoral issues, Theology

You’ve heard us tar all evangelicals with the same brush, that we are pre-programmed to misread and distort the Scriptures.

The Grit retracts. We fall on our oyster-shell-edge. We are chastened.

I’ve just read an example of some very careful reading and reflection and synthesis of the Scriptures’ teaching, in the light of the theology of the whole Bible, with accurate pastoral application. Stunning.

It was by Dr John Woodhouse. Topic was Divorce and Remarriage.

It’s the best thing I’ve read on this topic. And it’s short.

But more to the point, Woodie’s paper is a model of how to approach the Scriptures. Calm, level-headed, and questioning everything. Everything we are supposed to believe on this topic, that is. A true piece of independent thinking.

I would recommend this article to you, not just for the content, but for its value as a model of reading Scripture well.

Which is more important, even, than right thinking on divorce and remarriage. IMHO.

CLICK HERE  to read the article.


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