Godspeed, Greg Anderson

Posted: December 1, 2014 by J in Church

Read Anderson consecrated NT BishopDr Greg Anderson has been consecrated as the sixth Bishop of the the Northern Territory.

Greg has had a long association with gospel ministry in the Territory, having lived there for some years with his family, as missios amongst indigenous communities.

More recently he was at Moore College in Sydney, teaching Bible and Missions. He did a great job, but he always seemed a bit like a caged animal in that restricted environment.

Greg is known as an independent thinker, and necessarily kept a low profile at Moore. But students he trusted were aware that he read books on the proscribed list, and even liked them (!)

Now he has been set free, to once more roam the wilds and open spaces of the territory. We imagine him taking in deep breaths of warm tropical air.

Greg has a pastoral heart, as well as some serious smarts, and he loves Jesus. We expect he will make a fine bishop.

But it is another sad loss for Moore College, following the recent departure of its vice principal Bill Salier.

Note to other colleges: there are still a couple of gifted lecturers available at Moore, but you’ll have to get in quick now.

  1. dan says:

    Couldn’t help thinking that I was reading your autobiography of college days through Greg…

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