Resigned sigh

Posted: May 3, 2015 by J in General

disappointed-face-hiOnly one response to my PSA lead balloon – and that negative. Same as last time.

OK, I won’t bother with it then. Seems no one is in the mood to go there.


  1. PSA: it’s holy ground you’re approaching 🙂 Always happy to explore further !

  2. SC says:

    I’m definitely interested, just hesitant to say so as I’m an uninformed lay person from another denomination and I’m ignorant of the egg shells you might be treading!

    • J says:

      Don’t sell yourself short SC! Why be hesitant on a blog anyway? There isn’t much to lose is there?
      Many of us are laypeople here. In fact, some ordained clergy find it hard to keep an open mind, of the sort you need at the Grit! Some non-ordained people too…

      However it’s two of you who are keen to discuss versus Luke who is keen to not discuss, and let me tell you Luke is a big guy. He’s worth any two little punks like Dave B! 🙂

      I think I’d need more expressions of interest to tip the scales. Otherwise it’s another year or two of avoiding the subject, like we always do!

      • J says:

        btw It’s interesting to notice that lots of people have read these posts about whether to discuss PSA. Lots. But only a couple felt able to give an opinion. I wonder why that is…

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