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undefinedThis one’s for Sydney Anglicans and those interested in them. Oh, and also they need to have a sense of humour.

You may wonder why I’m limiting my audience so drastically.  🙂

But I’ve already seen the frowns of disapproval from many others who watched this video without the above prerequisites. I wouldn’t want to increase the quantity of disapproval in the world, unnecessarily…  🙂

Anyway, I laughed ’til I cried. I really did. It’s the most I’ve laughed in ages.

The guy who posted this to Youtube hoped to remain anonymous. He should know better – there’s only a handful of guys in the diocese with the smarts to produce this, and I know who you are…

People have criticised this guy for remaining anonymous, even as they’ve condemned his satire. Go figure…

Here it is: