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We at the Grit are very pleased to welcome Sydney’s new Anglican Archbishop, Glenn Davies.

We are blessed to have a leader of this calibre available to take up the post. What we like about Glenn is that he can think for himself. He belongs to no faction or party in the Diocese. His loyalty is to the gospel of Jesus.

Glenn did not campaign for this office, nor did he need to.┬áMy impression talking with Glenn is that he did not relish the prospect of becoming Archbish. And that’s exactly the sort of man we want for the job.

The campaigners for Glenn ran a positive and ‘clean’ campaign. Impressive. No election campaign will ever be spotless, but these guys have set a standard which I hope will be followed by future campaigners hoping to commend their dude to the Synod and diocese.

Rick Smith seems to be a good and godly man. It’s a pity that those campaigning for Rick probably undermined his position. At these times ‘the thoughts of many hearts are revealed.’ These guys held out against nastiness and misinformation for quite a while – but in the end they couldn’t resist. This was one campaign where everything depended on respectful conduct towards both candidates. Turns out they just couldn’t manage it.

We are not suggesting Rick was involved in any way in all that. But unfortunately, most people can’t easily distinguish between a campaign and the nominee it is backing. The shenanigans that went on in his name likely tarnished Rick’s image. In the end, people wanted integrity, not glossy brochures.

I think this result should be seen as partly a vote for fair and honest dealings in electioneering. Perhaps as a Diocese we’ve grown up a little and developed a distaste for mudslinging and headkicking? Gives me hope for our future.

So, leaving the past behind, we look forward to Glenn’s leadership, and will be praying for him this Sunday in our gathering.

Is it too early to start calling for the compulsory retirement age of 70 to be revised to reflect 21st century realities? It’s time for 75. Let’s keep Glenn for 12 years.