The Grit in the Oyster is a conversation blog. We are a bunch of guys who’ve survived theological college and used to enjoy talking about stuff under the palm tree. Books, scripture, theology, church, politics, mission, people, stuff like that. Conversations sometimes whispered when no one was around, sometimes declaimed with wild gesticulations.

Now they’ve let us loose on the world, and we want to continue the conversation.

And you’re invited! You can come and listen in, chip in, even introduce new topics of conversation. You can post comments, questions, even more extended articles. As long as they’re by you.

If you’ve got something you’d like to post, contact us in the comment box below.

And if it’s within our (fairly broad) parameters, we’ll make it happen.

We take a ‘bowling’ rather than a ‘batting’ approach to discussing ideas. Batters, if they stuff up once, they’re out. Bowlers expect to get it wrong most of the time, but hope to take an occasional wicket. We take everything said here with a grain of salt: when you’re exploring stuff, it’s not the last word on the subject, not everything said will be quite right. If you’re looking for the last word on anything, try another blog.

If you’re easily annoyed or shocked, you probably won’t like the Grit. Some people like to make sure no one’s offended. Here at the Grit, we figure you don’t get pearls without a bit of initial irritant. Hopefully we can take it as well as dishing it up!

  1. Olive Mary White says:

    Experienced “Grit in the Oyster” as ” Exactly my cup of tea”
    Am 80 / have suffered “The Trials of Job.”

    Now – since Spring 2012 – “The Plagues of Egypt.”


    “Fruit flies”

    “Plague of moths”

    “Pantry moths”

    “Biblical Plague of moths empowered woman”

    All three words of my name are in the Bible

    Olive Mary White

    • Jonathan says:

      Olive, it’s lovely to hear from you. I am sorry to hear about how much you have suffered. It is difficult, as Job found, to keep trusting God in times of pain and trouble.

      I hope the Grit in the Oyster is an encouragement to you.

  2. Olive Mary White says:

    Thank you.


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